Review Policy


Authors, publicists, and publishers – thank you for considering Love Romance Books to read and review your novels.


What I Like To Read!

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Erotica
  • Family Saga
  • Humor
  • Chick Lit
  • New Adult
  • Plain Romance
  • Short Story Collections
  • Young Adult Romance
  • Christian Fiction
  • Christian Romance
  • M/F/M

Would You Like Me To Review Your Book?

Please send me your request to for consideration. Please note that not all submissions for a review will be accepted. Please include the following information in the e-mail:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Brief Description
  • Your Website
  • Deadline/timeframe to be read

All reviews are posted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Goodreads, Facebook, and my blog . If I are unable to finish your book, I will contact you via e-mail with feedback on why. No compensation or payment is in exchange for an honest review.

Formats that I will accept: I will accept all forms of books. Also I accept Mobi files and PDF’s and hard copies of the books.



5 - Copy = Excellent (Highly Recommend It!)

1mh54-110-1  = Loved It (You Should read it!)

r3 = Really Liked It

r2 = It’s Ok but something was missing!

imagesCA0YVU0S =Couldn’t finish it! Sorry!


5 = SIZZLING (I needed a cold shower)

pep =HOT (Panties were Moist!)

pe = Heated (Needed a Fan)

1mh54-10Z-1 = Warm

 imagesCA6X37D9 = Luke Warm

Thanks for considering me!

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